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Registration Procedure

  1. User fill in the registration form and click the submit button
  2. Automail will be sent to the user (normally it should arrive within 3 hours), then user has to open activation link sent in the email
  3. User has to wait until the registration is manually approved by admin (human)
  4. When it is approved, login password will be sent by automail to user
  5. User can login and submit abstract, full paper, etc

I have registered but did not receive the activation email, please help?
Automail normally will arrive within 3 hours, so please just wait. Check also your SPAM/JUNK folder.

The activation email did not arrive after 3 hours, please help?
Try to resend activation email, CLICK HERE. In some very rare cases, automail arrives after 1 day, so you may just wait.

The activation email did not arrive after 1 day, please help?
Please try to register again using different email address.

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MICEB 2019 - Submission Management System

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